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Sex Myths That Have To Be Busted

Sex Myths That Have To Be Busted

Every single person has surely heard an insane number of rumours and myths relating to what happens in the bedroom, and many of them are just plain absurd. Some myths to persist and follow us into adulthood; some of them may even affect our sex lives. Here are some myths; they have been busted as well.

Myth number 1: “Popping the cherry.”

Busted: Literally speaking, when a woman has sex for the first time, she breaks the hymen in her vagina when the penis enters it. It is an age-old belief that if you inspect a females vagina, you can get to know if she is a virgin or if she has engaged in any sort of vaginal intercourse. The hymen has been given so much significance, but it can’t exactly tell us much about a woman’s sexual history, because a woman could break her hymen by doing simple things like riding a cycle or even horseback riding. In many rare cases, some women are even born without a hymen.

Myth number 2: If a woman is on her period then she can’t get pregnant.

Busted: It is indeed true that this is highly unlikely, but then again pregnancy cannot be eliminated. The chance of becoming pregnant after her period depends on how lengthy your menstruation cycle is. For most women, the cycle lasts 28 days. Sperm can surely live inside the body for almost 5 days, so if the timing is precise, the sperm could be inside the body long enough to penetrate a fresh egg. Always use a condom anyway.

Myth number 3: Masturbation is not good for you!

Busted: One of the most preposterous things I have ever heard is that masturbation is not good for a person. It is, in fact, a very helpful, normal and healthy thing to do. There are too many myths relating to, and almost all of them can be dismissed.

Myth number 4: Sex normally affects a person’s athletic performance.

Busted: For many years, managers and coaches of sportsmen have restricted any sort of sexual activities before important events for the fear that their performance may get weakened. But, you may be relieved to know that this is not the case even a little. Researchers have concluded that having sex won’t affect athletes’ performance.

Sex actually improves your health, your self-esteem, boosts your immunity, increases yours and your partner’s lifespan and completely relieves your stress levels. It even keeps your heart healthy because when one has sex; their heart rate is elevated and this can be considered as a cardio exercise. If you type in “sexual health” in a search engine, you will find tons of articles covering anything and everything about it. Sex is an amazing thing that we humans enjoy, practice safe sex.

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